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The first day of school

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008

Both Anna and Will started preschool today!  Finally, they’ll be getting some stimulation beyond Sesame Street, the Backyardigans and the Wiggles!

0902081.jpg 0902082.jpg 0902083.jpg

Waking up and breakfasting on the first day of school.  Baba wouldn’t let me post the photo of Anna pottying on the first day of school.

0902084.jpg 0902085.jpg 0902086.jpg

All dressed up and posing for their first day of school.

0902087.jpg 0902088.jpg 09020810.jpg

The school, the welcoming committee, and Mrs. B giving them their nametags.

09020811.jpg 09020812.jpg 09020813.jpg

Settling into their room on the first day of school!

Getting them into their room involves a complex procedure of signing multiple forms, wearing parent passes, putting backpacks on the right hooks and snack bags in the right cubbies and moving I.D. cards around.  I hope we did it all right and we’ll not find out tomorrow that we’re actually caught in limbo somewhere.

Will was confident, Anna a little worried.  Anna’s only about half the size of most of the other kids, and she looked so little standing there.  I felt terrible about leaving her there with all those HUGE kids.  She’s too little!  But I know what a charmer Anna is; I imagine she had everyone eating out of the palm of her hand within a half hour. 

I had to go to work, so Baba picked them up.  By the time I got home to quiz them about their day, they remembered nothing other than the fact that they went to the potty and they flushed.  They know flushing is important to the Mama.  I finally got them to tell me that the teachers blow whistles to get their attention, and that they played outside a little.  I have no idea if they created any artwork or anything like that.  I’ll try to look in Will’s paperwork slot tomorrow morning.  Their teacher reported that they both did very well today.

Will goes back tomorrow, but Anna has the day off.  As a three-year old with no real delays, she’s only going 2 days a week.  Will, as a 4 year old with some language delays, is going 4 days a week to try to catch him up enough that he can start kindergarten next year.  I’m hoping he succeeds; I’d like for him and Anna to be in different classes.  They shouldn’t have to compete with each other in class, and their gifts are very different.

Overall, day 1 seemed to be a success.  We can only move on from here.

I have many photos and stories from our little vacation to Maine, and our new oven, and Joe’s family get-together a couple of weeks ago, and I will try to work on those over the next few days to get them posted.