School Photos

We got the kids’ first school photos yesterday!  We have many years to look forward to, but I think their first editions came out pretty well.  The baba and I definitely ended up with cuter kids than we really deserved . . .



The only other recent event was the Northeast Kingdom Community Orchestra fall concert on Sunday afternoon.  Mama plays principle clarinet with the orchestra, and had to spend much of Saturday afternoon at a dress rehearsal.  The concert was early afternoon on Sunday, so we had to rush home from church and go straight to the concert venue.  The kids did very well sitting through the 2 hour concert.  We played the overture from “Russlan and Ludmilla” by Glinka, and then the entire “New World Symphony” by Dvorak.  It was an ambitious undertaking for us, and some parts definitely came out better than others, but overall, it was entertaining, I hope.  I continue to enjoy the opportunity to play real symphonic literature.  Who could have imagined that I could move to such a small rural area, and find a group that plays this kind of music?  Not always well, but we do play it.  Incredible!  I would have thought that once I left the larger metropolitan areas, my days of playing Beethoven and Dvorak were over.  There are many times that I have to kick myself to drag myself out of the house on Sunday afternoon and give up three hours of my precious day-and-a-half weekend, especially now that I have to work on Mondays again, but it’s worth it.  I was in on this group from the beginning – it started 5 years ago under the auspices of Lyndon State College, and I was at that very first rehearsal. 

5 Responses to “School Photos”

  1. grandma says:

    Wonderful school pictures.

  2. Nicki says:

    The school pictures look great! Much better than any of mine ever turned out. Of course, Will and Anna have a better starting place than I did, since they are actually cute in real life. I hope you got the big photo package with all the different sized photos in it, because their Auntie will be expecting some copies of those.

  3. Billie says:

    Grandma assured me that no one in their right mind would want anything bigger than a wallet photo, so I mostly got those, but there are a few larger ones; I could probably be convinced to part with one or two.

    BTW, we got our “scare” package today, so we’re all enjoying a wee bit ‘o chocolate at the moment. Thanks!!!

  4. Trish says:

    The kids are too adorable and so grown up. Also, have you noticed they both have great hair? Love the Halloween pics as well. I can’t believe we have been home a year.

  5. Lou Ellen says:

    The kids are adorable! It is nice to be able to keep up with families we met in China. I just wanted to wish you a Happy Gotcha Day! Doug & I reminisced a bit about it today. It just doesn’t seem like 2 years have passed already.

    Lou Ellen