I wonder if Santa can find us …

This is what happens when you’re on the ball in Vermont and put your outdoor decorations up early in December.

12-21-08-3.jpg 12-21-08-4.jpg

I had rescued Mary and Joseph in the barn in the second photo.  Baby Jesus was too buried.

Our plow guy had just come about an hour before, and these were the footprints I left in the freshly plowed driveway,


because it’s still doing this right now:


The pic on the left shows the drift pile from the plow tonight, and the pic on the right is last year on December 16.

12-21-08-5.jpg 12-16-07-1.jpg

Not the best comparison, but it gives you an idea.  We’re about on pace with last year. 

We got about 8 inches of snow Friday night, and then the storm today – took us 2.5 hours to drive the normal 1 hour trip home from church, but we didn’t have any real problems.  Just took awhile.  We had about 16 inches on the ground before today, and I’m guessing we’ve gotten at least 8 inches or so this afternoon.  We still don’t know what the totals are going to be, but probably another 4 inches or so tonight.  Joe thought I was joking when I said we’d have to clean the bushes off soon because I couldn’t see out the front window.

Meanwhile, the kids are playing indoors, working together for a few minutes to build a “beautiful” tower.  It involves standing on rickety little folding chairs, so I imagine there will be crying soon, but for now, they’re having a good time.  It’s a good thing, since we’d probably lose them in a snow drift outside.

12-21-08-6.jpg 12-21-08-7.jpg

3 Responses to “I wonder if Santa can find us …”

  1. Marion S says:

    I am so glad you made it home safely and had already posted it!! Thanks for followiing me home. Did you make it through Barre all right, or did this take some extra time? You have some very nice shots here and the parent/teacher conference must have made you happy! Congratulations, it is wonderful what you are doing for the two. Marion

  2. grandma says:

    I wonder if grandpa and I will be able to find you!!!

  3. Trish says:

    I am such a wimp, I had a meltdown becuse I had to scrape ice off my windshield 3 days in a row. It resulted in a new garage door opener so I could be spared the horror.

    Of course since we installed it it has been a balmy 80 degrees here. Sending warm thoughts.