It looks like Santa found us after all

Lots of company for Christmas here.   Auntie Nicki and Uncle Tony arrived safely on the Monday before Christmas, even though Sunday was a weather/travel nightmare.  I had to work Tuesday, but the rest of the week I took off and enjoyed the holidays and family doings.  We headed off to church on Wednesday evening, with Nicki and Tony.  I had to play the piano, and I also sang a little duet with our vacancy pastor, and had a little choir piece for the service.   It was a very pleasant candlelight service – quite a treat!

1-4-08-2.jpg 1-4-08-1.jpg 1-4-08-3.jpg

1-4-08-4.jpg 1-4-08-5.jpg 1-4-08-6.jpg

As you can see, I had a couple of really nice photos of the kids in their Christmas finery, with nice expressions on their faces, etc.  Naturally, those are the photos for which my camera, in its infinite wisdom, decided to focus on the tree behind them, or a fly on the wall, or a dust speck on the lens.  Whatever it was, it wasn’t the children.  By the time it decided to focus on the kids, they were done looking nice.  Sigh.

1-4-08-7.jpg 1-4-08-8.jpg 1-4-08-9.jpg

After church, we stopped by the hotel where everyone was staying, and magically, Grandma and Grandpa had arrived from Oklahoma!  They got here with no problems, and had a lovely room at the Comfort Inn.  The kids had brought their jammies, and Grandma got them ready for bed, in hopes that they might fall asleep in the car on the way home.  Of course, they didn’t, but it took half and hour off our “getting ready for bed” time.  The kids went to bed with threats of “Santa won’t come while little kids are awake”, and Baba and I got to work on assembling the big gift Santa left with us.  It was a V-Tech V-Motion game, which is sort of a children’s version of the Nintendo Wii.  They’re enjoying it, but it would be MUCH more fun if Baba were trying to use it to play one of his games.  It’s not nearly so interesting when the only person who wants to play with it is YOU.  At least when you’re a toddler.  But, I digress …

As  you can see below, Santa found us after all:

1-4-08-10.jpg 1-4-08-11.jpg

The wrapped presents did NOT include all the gifts that Grandma had shipped directly here, and didn’t feel up to wrapping.  I keep thinking we should move back up to our full-sized tree one of these years, but I don’t know where we would put all the gifts in that case.

1-4-08-12.jpg 1-4-08-13.jpg 1-4-08-14.jpg

The kids helped me with the photography chores, at least before the present-opening began.  Then the circus began, and paper and gifts were everywhere.  Then we had the big dinner, the post-dinner coma while children ran rampant through the house, the dessert course, and then a bit more relaxing before the toddler meltdowns began and bedtime arrived.  General photos of the festivities follow.

1-4-08-15.jpg 1-4-08-16.jpg 1-4-08-17.jpg 1-4-08-18.jpg 1-4-08-19.jpg 1-4-08-20.jpg 1-4-08-21.jpg 1-4-08-22.jpg 1-4-08-23.jpg

One Response to “It looks like Santa found us after all”

  1. Charlie's mom says:

    We have enjoyed your holiday pics! Much “busier” than ours, although Becky and Charlie enjoyed the playthings they received. Thank you again, for your care and expertise, in your treatment of Charlie. We will never give up on this little guy. Take care.