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Christmas to New Year’s Day

Monday, January 12th, 2009

Yes, I’m horribly behind.  Regardless, here are some pics of the doings in the vacation week between the holidays!

Anna helped me make pancakes with her new kitchen set.  She ate those little pancakes right out of her frying pan much better than she ever eats them when I give them to her, and these with no syrup or butter or anything!

1-5-08-1.jpg 1-5-08-2.jpg

1-5-08-3.jpg 1-5-08-4.jpg

Anna showing off a couple of new outfits from her aunts:

1-5-08-5.jpg 1-5-08-19.jpg

Anna helping Grandma in the kitchen:

1-5-08-61.jpg 1-5-08-7.jpg 1-5-08-8.jpg

Will and Grandpa watching TV to stay out of the line of fire:

1-5-08-9.jpg 1-5-08-10.jpg

Anna desperately wanted to decorate Christmas cookies, so Grandma made us a batch of sugar cookies.  She had to use Halloween cookie cutters, because apparently, I don’t have any Christmas ones.  In any case, the rest of the crew sat down to decorate the cookies, and the results were pretty appetizing!

1-5-08-11.jpg 1-5-08-12.jpg 1-5-08-13.jpg 1-5-08-14.jpg 1-5-08-15.jpg 1-5-08-16.jpg 1-5-08-17.jpg 1-5-08-18.jpg

The kids modeling a very cute little tutu and hat made for them by a friend of my mom’s back in Oklahoma:

1-5-08-20.jpg 1-5-08-21.jpg 1-5-08-22.jpg 1-5-08-23.jpg

This is how poor Grandpa looked nearing the end of his visit:


Presumably he had a headache.  Thankfully, we had some competent medical professionals on hand who could administer a band-aid with just the right pre-school character to make it all better!