The Birthday Boy turns 5!

He actually turned 5 two weeks ago, and believe me, we celebrated thoroughly on that day.  It’s just taken me two weeks to get to the photos. 

I’m sure, like everyone else with a near-Christmas birthday, Will will come to resent having to share his birthday with so many other events, but for now, just having cake and MORE PRESENTS to open is a thrill for him.  He is a boy, after all, so having all the bowl games on his birthday may prove to be a treat as he gets older. 

1-16-09-4.jpg 1-16-09-5.jpg 1-16-09-1.jpg

The young banana picked out a gift and a card for her brother, wrapped the present herself (it’s the attractively presented gift on the top of the pile above), and addressed and signed the card!

1-16-09-9.jpg 1-16-09-2.jpg 1-16-09-3.jpg

After a lunch of pizza, and a special rendition of Happy Birthday from his sister (the video is at the bottom of this post), we had quite a yummy cake, which was thankfully NOT baked and decorated by the mama!

1-16-09-6.jpg 1-16-09-7.jpg 1-16-09-8.jpg

Will and Auntie ‘Nee have many animated discussions, but this one had something to do with her glasses:


Then the gift opening madness began:

1-16-09-11.jpg 1-16-09-12.jpg 1-16-09-13.jpg 

1-16-09-15.jpg  More cars!  Woo hoo!!!!

By the end, I think general giddiness had overcome him:


He got to stretch his birthday out a bit, since school hadn’t started yet.  I did bake cupcakes for him to take on the second day back (I wanted to check with his teacher first to make sure cupcakes were OK – I was afraid I might have to bring granola bars or something – Vermont is like that, you know).  But, she said cupcakes would be lovely, so he got to share them with all his little friends and send them all home that day with sugar highs!

And now the promised video:

3 Responses to “The Birthday Boy turns 5!”

  1. grandma says:

    I love the birthday song. She is Grandpa’s girl alright. I am amazed at how grown up Anna is now. Both kids are growing up. Happy birthday William!!!

  2. Nicki says:

    Happy Birthday William!! I hope you liked your Cars. You sure are getting to be a big boy! Anna, your song was beautiful, and your wrapped present was beautiful, too.

  3. Trish says:

    Happy Birthday Will! You have gotten so big over the past year. Izzy sends you a big kiss and hug.