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The case of the missing buttonhole

Monday, February 2nd, 2009

Last week while Joe was gone, I was running in between the kids’ bedrooms at night, reading one a story while the other was putting on jammies, etc.  I was reading to Anna, when Will came flying in, very distressed about something with his pajamas, but I sent him back to his room to wait for me.  When I got to his room, he was sitting on his bed, very perturbed about an extra button that had appeared on his pajamas.  Or, rather, the buttonhole that was missing from his pajamas.

I had to put down the camera for a minute to help him find the extra buttonhole that had somehow appeared on the top of his jammies. It never did dawn on him what he had done wrong. He kept insisting that it just wasn’t right, because he couldn’t button that button and buttonhole “down and across!”

So, just file this post under, “Embarrassing videos to show your child’s friends when he’s a teenager!”