Those who live in ice houses …

A week or so ago, the kids had an art project at school which involved creating an ice structure out of sugar cubes and glue.  I never saw the example structure, but their teacher said they were trying to go for an igloo. 

Now, Miss Anna has been quite focused on China lately, because I produced a DVD slideshow, set to music, of many of our photos from our most recent China trip, and sent it out with Christmas cards (the ones that have gone out, that is – there are a few that haven’t made it out the door yet!)  She is fascinated by the “China Movie” and asks to watch it almost every day.  She loves the photos of her riding in her carrier on baba’s back as we climbed a portion of the Great Wall outside of Beijing.  She decided that her structure was going to be the Great Wall, rather than a silly old igloo.  She did a fantastic job, too, and she apparently made sure everyone knew that’s what she was building.  Not only the teacher pointed it out to me, but one of the mothers who was around that day made sure I knew what Anna had proudly built.


I’m not sure what Will’s structure was, but here it is, for posterity:


2 Responses to “Those who live in ice houses …”

  1. grandma says:

    I am not sure what William’s is but I am guessing it has to do with cars and traffic. Anna has had so much more geography than most kids her age that they will learn from her.

  2. Billie says:

    For the record, I just asked Will what this was, and he didn’t know. Then he said it was a tower, which made sense. He said the little flat pieces were towers, too. So there you have it.