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Silly kids

Thursday, March 12th, 2009

Here are the kiddos’ class photos for this year.  They take a serious picture, and of course, a silly picture.  I’ve blacked out the name of the school so it can’t be identified.  I am quite amused at the overall lack of silliness in the silly picture.  For an age group for whom silliness is pretty much a constant state of being, they aren’t really very creative.  But, they are very cute, nonetheless.

I volunteer in the class on Thursdays sometimes, and the photos were taken on a different day of the week.  The kids have a very complicated schedule with some attending 2, 3 or 4 days a week (Will is the only one in the class who goes 4 days a week, and boy, does he need it!  Do I hear 5?)  In any case, that means I don’t know all the kids, and Anna, who only goes 2 days a week, doesn’t know them all either.  She should have known all THESE kids, of course, and she was able to tell me the name of one I didn’t know, but there was one kiddo I still didn’t recognize.  So, I resorted to asking Will, who, since he attends with ALL of the kids at least 2 days a week, and has for the last 6+ months, should know all of them.  Umm, nope. I’m pretty sure he knew himself and Anna, and his teachers, but I’m not sure he had the names for anyone else down.  Oh, well.  His teacher continues to maintain that he should go on to kindergarten next year, but I’m starting to become suspicious of her motives. 

The serious picture:


And the silly one:


Mom in the paper

Thursday, March 12th, 2009

We have a wall full of paper snowflakes at the clinic – the brainchild of some of my staff.  A donation was made to our little charity fund, and the students at Jefferson Elementary School in Jefferson, NH, created snowflakes with their pets’ names on them to decorate our wall.   One of my clients thought it made a particularly nice picture, and a heartwarming story, so she offered to take a photo and write up a little story to submit to local papers.  Wouldn’t you know it – they all ran it!  So, here I am, along with Becky and Ollie the cat.  I swear, everybody I know has commented on it.  I guess a little positive publicity never hurt anyone, huh?