Catching up a bit – Oklahoma, Day 3

I’ve got so much to post, so I’ll have to try to do it in a few small sections.  These are the photos from our trip to Woolaroc on our trip to OK in April.  The kids enjoyed it, except that Anna had a meltdown because there were no monkeys, and then she dropped her blankie in the museum and Grandma had to go convince an employee to dig it out of a bag of garbage that had already been taken out to the dumpster.  It is so hard to be 4 years old.

4-28-09-01.jpg 4-28-09-02.jpg 4-28-09-03.jpg 4-28-09-04.jpg 4-28-09-051.jpg 4-28-09-06.jpg 4-28-09-07.jpg 

Buffalo, ostriches, and goats; oh my!

4-28-09-08.jpg 4-28-09-09.jpg 4-28-09-10.jpg 4-28-09-11.jpg 4-28-09-12.jpg 

4-28-09-13.jpg 4-28-09-14.jpg Anna was enchanted by the collection of flying  bears!

4-28-09-15.jpg 4-28-09-16.jpg 4-28-09-17.jpg 4-28-09-18.jpg

And here’s a little clip of Anna reading the description of one of the huge murals at the Woolaroc Museum:

2 Responses to “Catching up a bit – Oklahoma, Day 3”

  1. Nicki says:

    I love Woolaroc, it’s awesome. I’m glad the kids got to see some big animals. I think a few monkeys would fit in just fine there. Anna is getting so BIG! Those pictures of her walking with her Grandpa really show how much she’s grown. I’m sure Will is growing too, but he was bigger when we got him so it’s not as obvious. It looks like the kids really liked the museum, they must be really smart.

  2. Marsha says:

    Hi, my husband, Chuck, found your blog regarding your adoption of Pan Pan (Will) in 2007. We adopted Zhu Er (Chelsea) from the same Yinchaun orphanage. Pan Pan and Zhu Er were very good friends, they both had their cleft lip surgeries at the same time and spent time together in the hospital. On our second visit to the orphanage in August 2006, Zhu Er was given a sucker from the office staff and she shared it with Pan Pan, but when she tried to take it back he wouldn’t let go so eventually the staff found another sucker for Zhu Er.
    We would love to get in touch with you.