I know everyone is waiting …

I’ve got photos of Will’s first day of kindergarten and everything – and just when I sit down to start composing a post, the cussed pager goes off.  Yes, at 11:45 PM.  I have to get clothes on, and go put a poor elderly cat belonging to a poor elderly lady to sleep so he (and she) doesn’t have to suffer all night.  I don’t mind, as long as I don’t have to be particularly brilliant or perform miracles of modern medicine after midnight, but I have to say, this emergency call is getting more and more onerous.  My last several times on-call, I’ve had toxicity dogs coming in after midnight, calls at 2:30 AM about dying dogs, etc.  Come on, people!  I’m 45 years old, with two little kids at home I’m trying to spend an hour or two of quality time with every day, between working 12 hours a day, running a business, saving lives.  I’m doing the work of a vet and a half, with an ad out for a full-time associate for over a year now, and no serious takers.  I can’t do it much longer.

Enough whining.  I will be posting about Will’s first day, but it will likely be tomorrow.  At least, once I get through tonight, I have tomorrow off.  So I can catch up on the 50 charts I haven’t written yet from this week.

Apparently I’m not happy tonight.  But, Will’s first day seemed to be a rousing success, so you all don’t have to continue to worry about it.  Back soon.

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