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Will’s first day of “real” school!

Friday, August 28th, 2009

I realize he’s now been through TWO whole days of kindergarten, but here is the report on his first day!  He did very well, I think.  He was a little worried, but we had a lovely open house in his classroom on Monday afternoon, so he was familiar with the place, his hook for his backpack, his cubby and his mailbox, and all of his classmates.  There is only one little girl in his class new to the area, that he didn’t know last year.  A wonderful situation for him.

He ate his breakfast, got dressed, posed for some pics, then went outside to wait for the bus with Daddy.  Mama was ready for work already, so she was lurking about outside with the camera.  The bus arrived, he marched right up, climbed on, got in the seat behind the driver, and sat down.  I ran to my car, hopped in, and headed off for the school.  We are virtually the last stop on the way to school, so by the time I got there and parked,  his bus was already unloaded and pulling away.  The librarian (a neighbor of ours) was outside directing kids indoors, and she said he got right off and headed in.  I had some vaccination information for his records, so I went in and gave them to the secretary, then went down the hall to peak at him.

His little backpack was already on his hook, and he had already given his money to his teacher for lunch, and placed his order for a hot dog.  He still looked a little worried, but he did everything right.  I saw him in there with all those big kids, marching around like he knew what he was doing, and then I finally had to cry.   Didn’t help that his beloved preschool teacher was also there helping out, watching him proudly.  I gave him an extra kiss and got out of there.   I was misty-eyed all day.  Of course, I had to work, so I didn’t get to see him come home, but Joe reports he got off the bus, gave the driver a thumbs up, and marched down the driveway.  Overall, a successful first day.

His second day was a success, too.  I didn’t go out to the bus with him this AM, since I was still recovering from dealing with that nasty old woman last night until about 2AM, but I met him coming home on the bus.  He doesn’t quite understand the procedure for crossing the street yet; he is supposed to get off, then wait by the door and wait for the driver to give him a thumbs up before he crosses in front of the bus and crosses the street.  Today, he marched in front of the bus, then stopped, looked at her, and gave HER a thumbs up.  She made him go back to the right place and start over.  We’ve been talking about it all evening, so I hope he has it figured out now.  If he can’ t get it, he will have to stay on the bus for another 5 minutes or so, while she goes up the street to drop off a few other kids, then turns around and comes back by our house on our side of the street.

Here are the day 1 pics!