Will’s tooth

My little 5-1/2 year old kindergartner has lost his first tooth!  We knew he had a loose tooth after the dentist pointed it out to us a couple of weeks ago (more on that later.)  We’ve been watching it, but no major advances had been made.  Sunday evening, he was concerned about it while Joe was brushing his teeth, and then, while we were video-Skyping with Grandma and Grandpa, he couldn’t kep his hand out of his mouth.  I looked at his tooth, and it was so loose that he could push it down flat.  I asked him if I could work on it, and after a few minutes of wiggling, it came out!  He was so excited!  We put it in an envelope for the tooth fairy, and kept it for the next night so Anna could see it the next day.  My little boy is growing up!

A couple of weeks ago, the kids had their first visit to a pediatric dentist.  We chose someone down in Norwich (about an hour away) based on a recommendation from a dental hygienist friend and our own dentist’s office.  The dentist was very nice, and seemed to win the kids over easily.  He has a nice practice.  Anna had no problems at all, of course.  Will, on the other hand, has a cavity on a rear molar, so he will have to have a filling in a month or so.  The doctor took x-rays of his teeth, and found that his alveolar cleft is worse on one side than the other, and he may only need grafting on one side.  He seemed to feel that wouldn’t happen until he was 8 or 9.  He seems to have his two middle adult incisors, but is missing the two lateral incisors.  That’s the same as his baby teeth.  His adult canines are there, but appear to be oriented crookedly at present.  He will likely need some orthodontics when he gets older.  He may be able to have implants for the two missing incisors when he’s older if he needs them.  All in all, about what we expected, and certainly better than we feared.  A good visit!

4 Responses to “Will’s tooth”

  1. Nicki says:

    I’m glad they didn’t inherit their aunt’s phobia of dentists. I still have panic attacks every time I have to go to the dentist. I feel bad for Will that he will have to go through all that orthodontia, but a lot of kids do. That’s interesting that he is missing a couple of adult teeth – Tony and his sister both have too many teeth. Well, I think they have the right number, but they are crowded together, and both have had dentists suggest having some removed. So maybe Will’s missing teeth will actually work out for the best.

  2. grandma says:

    Was Anna excited when she saw William’s tooth? The tooth fairy is all new to them but before all the teeth are out, they will know her pretty well. Starting school and losing teeth all in the same week, my oh my It looks like Anna likes the dentist office, you must have given her a “tough Pill” before you went.

  3. Aunt Cheryl says:

    Greetings to Will

    Was the tooth fairy generous to him? Did not realize they lost teeth that young but he looks happy about it! Good luck as he pursues his education in kindergarden His first days were successful.
    Aunt cheryl

  4. Charlie's mom says:

    Sunday am: Congrats to Will, on the loss of his tooth……and congrats to Charlie!!!! Yes! Success is flowing at our house, in fact twice this morning. Thank you, and enjoy the day! Take care. Lucy and Heddy say , “big deal, we do what Charlie does, all the time”.