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Back up a month to Anna’s first day of school

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

Before I start in on too many other things while I’m trying to catch up, first let me apologize for being so long between posts.  Yes, there have been many things going on that have prevented me from having the time to put into editing all the photos and finding clever words to describe our everyday doings.  But, let me reassure everyone that the kids are doing just fine, and none of the issues we’ve been having are due to problems with them.  They are primarily work-related, and I’ll probably talk about them somewhere in this catch-up flurry I’m working on.  I have not mysteriously and magically located another 6 hours to put into each day (other than the ones I normally use for sleeping, which I don’t much, anymore), but one time-consuming hurdle was, well, hurdled yesterday, so I’m giving myself a little bit of leisure today.  This leisure will last about 10 more minutes, before Anna and Daddy get home from preschool, so I’ll try to hurry this post up a bit.

Anna started school right after Labor Day, in her same classroom with the same beloved teachers.  She was not at all nervous, but was then, and still is, a bit miffed that Will is getting to ride “her” school bus to school every day, and she is not.  Hmph.  In the photos below, you’ll notice that instead of the shorts and t-shirts that everyone else puts their kids in for the first day of school, my kid is wearing jeans and a jacket.  Yep, that’s the way it is in northern Vermont in September.   Not many shorts-wearing days here after school starts.  Oh, some kids wear ’em, but I think they freeze to death.

PS – the leisure time before everyone got home only lasted 8 minutes, so I’m rushing this to “press.”  Apologies for errors, which I will check on later.  I hope.

Two years!

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

Today marks the second anniversary of William Joseph Winter Casciari joining our family!  From a scared little toddler leaving the only home he’d ever known in Yinchuan, to the little warrior you see today, who rides the bus to school all by himself, who plays soccer with the big kids, and who grins and giggles and charms his way into everyone’s heart.

Thanks for becoming part of our crazy household, Will!