Two years!

Today marks the second anniversary of William Joseph Winter Casciari joining our family!  From a scared little toddler leaving the only home he’d ever known in Yinchuan, to the little warrior you see today, who rides the bus to school all by himself, who plays soccer with the big kids, and who grins and giggles and charms his way into everyone’s heart.

Thanks for becoming part of our crazy household, Will!

2 Responses to “Two years!”

  1. Teresa =) says:

    Happy Forever Family Day! Good to see weaponry is a universally boy thing and not just a “Carson” thing. LOL!

    I think Will has probably changed the least of the three kids…just lost his faux-hawk hairdo, but pretty much looks the same. Good to see he’s happy.

    Hugs from Ohio!

    Teresa and the Gang =)

  2. Trish says:

    Happy Forever Family Day from Florida. We love you guys and miss you. I thought about serving Buck an EGGO topped with pizza sauce and cheese.

    Your Ningxia sister send hugs and kisses to you!
    Trish, Buck, Austin, and Izzy