School pics 2009!

Here they are!  My devilish little boy and angelic little girl!

I’m going to try turning commenting back on to see if the spam attack is over …

Will "the pill"

Will "the pill", age 5

Anna Banana

Anna Banana, age 4

5 Responses to “School pics 2009!”

  1. Nicki says:

    They look so grown up!!! Can’t you make them stay little?

  2. Charlie's mom says:

    O.K., I’ve had school pics taken since 1963, and I have not had a cute one yet! These pics are excellent! Thank you for sharing them. I’d write more, but Lucy is trying to help me. Take care.

  3. grandma says:

    My school pictures were so awful that I think my Mother hid them. I wish we would have had the person taking these cute pictures back in the before flood era. Anna and William are such nice looking children and smile so easy. Grandma loves you all.

  4. Trish says:

    They are getting big too fast! BTW, Anna, I love the vest!

  5. Laurel Osborn says:

    I have been involved with the Bai China group for a year now, having returned with our daughter on 1 July 2009
    I recently posted to them about our daughter seeing a geneticist who, without even drawing a drop of blood, declared her not to have albinism (due to her normal vision, no nystagmus, no transillumination and no foveal hypoplasia–according to 2 opthomologists)
    Someone wrote back and told me of you and your daughter also having a mis-diagnosis from China.
    Our geneticists want to do DNA studies etc to see if our daughter is perhaps a carrier of albinism yet not affflicted.

    Wondering what, if anything, you pursued with your daughter upon arrival home. She is a beautiful girl (and he a handsome boy)

    We are of course just delighted that our daughter has great vision-didn’t care if she had albinism or not. A very curious thing these genes we get.

    Wishing you and yours well,
    mom to 14 (8 chinese) and waiting
    patiently (or not patiently) for #15