Instructions for commenting

To leave a comment on my new blog format, look at the bottom of each individual post.  You’ll see a line that looks like:

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If no one has commented yet, it will say “No comments” on the right.  Just click on that portion of the line, and it will open up the commenting screen.

All comments to my blog are moderated in order to prevent spam from getting through.  I also try to correct any obvious typos before they’re posted.  That’s why your comment doesn’t show up immediately; I’m notified by e-mail that a comment has been made, and then I can look at it and approve it.

I have yet to find the perfect blog format for me.  If I were smarter, or had much more time to waste than I already do, I would figure out how to create my own, or at least edit an existing one to match what I really want.  Maybe when I’m retired …