Ok, in what has been a traumatic week, with Renee leaving, Eileen having complications after delivering her new daughter (my niece) - I hear from Jon she’s OK now - and me having two lectures on a business trip to deal with (turned out great, but there was some drama involved beforehand), it seems odd to post about youth soccer, but that’s what parents do.

Will has been taking a soccer skills class on Saturday mornings (heaven forbid anyone should sleep in) and today was the culmination, a GAME.  At first, Will didn’t really know what to do - they started him on defense and he was just standing there.  When I told him to go get the ball he ran forward and picked it up with his hands.  He did that one more time and then we finally it into his head that he had to kick the ball forward.  Oddly, things kicked in after that; he  was moved to wing and he did a good job of dribbling and kicking.  He was smiling and was all over the pitch.  I was meantime trying to deal with Anna - who was cold and letting me know about it.  I put my jacket over hers and that helped for a while; it was rainy and ugly out.  OF course - you know this is coming - as we retreated to a nearby dugout to warm Anna up, Will had his big moment.  He dribbled in front of the goal and then kicked it in.  I barely saw it, but Will had scored a goal.  Yeah.  He had fun, and now we’re home.  He doesn’t yet get the team idea (once he started going after the ball, he would take it from his teammates as well as from opponents) but not bad for a four year old.  He was mixed in with first and second graders, and I swear one kid was actually TWICE as tall as he was.

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    Cheryl Bittle
    October 14th, 2009 12:56 WAY TO GO WILL!! I can just see him running down the field and kicking and his happiness in scoring even if he is not sure who is his team. I have played on some teams when you did not know who they were either. He is a wonderful fellow and growing into a great little boy. Hope the cold weather did not stay too long and you survived the wet and cold. I saw a photo on the weather channel from Stowe VT with snow on the pumpkin so you have had cold weather. Take care and recover from the Saturday morning practice sessions. Aunt Cheryl
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    October 15th, 2009 12:37 Yay! That is so awesome! I’m glad Will is in soccer and learning to play with the other kids. He’ll figure out the teams eventually. Next you need to get Anna into dance lessons. I didn’t even know Jon and Eileen were having another baby, so I’m glad to hear they are all now doing OK. And is Renee gone or just gone on a trip?
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    October 15th, 2009 16:34 Nicki, Renee quit her job two weeks ago. I haven’t heard from her since, but I think she’s visiting Jon and Eileen now.

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