Temperature Trends

I just can’t resist.  Here’s a graph of temperature trends over the last several years by masterresource.org.  The y-axis is the first derivative, i.e. annual temperature rise in degrees per year.  The climate models predict a rise of 0.2 degrees per year (the red line).  Actual data is given in various colors based on the source:

Temperature Trends

The point of this presentation is that people can say outrageous things about climate by “cherry-picking” the data.  It strikes me how looking at fifteen years shows a dramatic deviation from model predictions.  The senate better get that climate bill passed quick, before more evidence against a “global warming tipping point” comes in.


I am not a “global warming skeptic”, I am a “tipping-point skeptic“, meaning that while temperatures have risen the past century, and human activity may play a role in this, we are not in danger of reaching a “tipping point” where temperatures will rise faster and faster unless we take drastic action.  I think we should take reasonable measures to reduce emissions and create alternative energy sources but I do not think it is constructive to insist on idiotic goals such as “reducing carbon emissions to 1960 levels in the next 20 years”.

In particular, I believe Dr. Roy Spencer, who suggests that current climate models are likely to overestimate carbon dioxide effects on temperature because they do not properly incorporate natural climate control (negative feedback) effects such as precipitation.  I also believe Bjørn Lomborg, who suggests that the costs involved in trying to prevent temperature rise will be far greater than the cost of adapting to them (if they occur).

Check out their work here:



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