Early Halloween

The kiddies had a Halloween party at school today.  It involved a “haunted hallway”, snacks, crafts, games, and a magic show.  Will was spiderman and Anna was, of course, a monkey.  Here are a few pics; one with daddy as a banana, one (sorry it’s in B/W) with Anna’s preschool, one with Will’s kindergarten teacher, and one with them doing crafts.

Anna, Will, BabaAnna and Will with Preschool teacherWill and his K-garden teachercraft table

It’s raining cats and dogs here, and Billie is on call again.  I’m getting back to doing the bookkeeping for the clinic; I did quarterly taxes last week, and worked up a 2010 budget.  It really keeps me busy.

Here’s one with just Anna.hwf5.jpg

Bye for now.

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    October 27th, 2009 09:59 So cute! I still think y’all should hop a plane to Minnesota for Halloween. We’ve got the big neighborhood spooktacular at our house on Friday, and extreme trick-or-treating on Saturday (as in, how extremely sick can you get on 200 houses-worth of candy). Will and Anna would love it!!

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