The National Debt

Our current national debt is projected to be $13.8 Trillion by the end of 2010.Here’s how it breaks down in our nation’s history:

  1. 1792 to 2000 = 5.7 Trillion —– this is how much debt we incurred building the nation, winning two world wars, walking the moon, defeating communism, etc.
  2. 2000 to 2008 = 4.3 Trillion —– this is what we paid for (imho) Bush’s overreaction to 911, his wars and his increases in domestic spending needed to butter people up so they would support his wars.
  3. 2009 to 2010 = 3.8 Trillion —- yes, Obama in two years has almost matched what Bush did in eight in terms of fiscal irresponsibility.
  4. Another note, since (ok, this is a cheap shot, but can’t resist) the Democrats took over congress in 2006, our national debt has increased by 5.3 trillion. Yes, those idiots nearly matched our entire debt building for between 1792 and 2000, and (imho) accomplished NOTHING GOOD with it.
  5. Also, since 2000 we have increased our total national debt over 2.5 fold!!!! 

Play with the numbers yourself here:

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